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Documents                  =                      =
Parcels                        =                      =
Minimum charge for all parcels           =

Special Shipment         =                      =
Special Shipments are small packages containing the following:
(Laptops, Cameras, Phones, Watches, Int’l Passport with Visa, etc)

(All rates excludes 5% VAT, Packaging, Insurance etc)
Other Shipment Containing =Crossed Cheques, Draft, Money order, Original Certificates, Driver’s License, ID Card, Int’l Passport without Visa    =CONCESSION
50kg bag of Rice                                 =
Other Food Stuffs                                =

Accompanied Cargo Rates
Standard Rate                                      =
Concession- Bag of Rice                     =
Other food stuff                                  =

West Coast Tariff      
Cotonou (Benin Rep.)  =                      =
Lome (Togo)                =                      =
Accra (Ghana)             =                      =

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