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Consolidated Cargo Delivery

This service allows items of various sizes, shapes and weight to be delivered across the nation with the required express handling. Items are consolidated and trucked on the basis of destinations.

Maintained by best hands in the industry, coupled with customer service oriented support; we offer line support to Courier/Logistic Companies on next day priority basis.
This service enjoys prompt dispatch for lightweight parcels and documents on a 24hours delivery time line.

Home Delivery

We offer door to door delivery on volumes, either by consolidated Cargo or direct charter.

This service offers our customers the advantage of knowing the `movement and arrival date’ of shipment before service.

Direct Cargo Delivery to West Africa

We operate express delivery to key destinations (including Cotonou, Lome and Accra, Nigeria,) in the West Coast either on truck charter or consolidated cargo. Our expertise in border formalities and Customs handling is unequaled.

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